Different Ways To Heal The Mind

Every person has their unique psych, and it depends on the decisions they make, that create experiences that will further shape their personality. If you choose to get into drugs, then you will struggle with addiction, and negative reactions to your brain from all those chemicals you have taken. Some people are just born with mental disorders like ADHD, Bipolar, bulimic, and a lot more. When you know someone with any of these conditions, then you should seek the help of a psychologist, to help them make changes to make their lifestyle more comfortable.  

Heal The Mind

Neurofeedback in New York has been one of the newest trends in psychological treatment for mental disorders. This treatment relies on a computer, sensory nodes that are stuck on the forehead of the clients, and interpreting brain of the person by exposing them to stimuli, more specifically video games. This type of treatment is mostly used for clients who have mild or severe seizures, Bipolar disorder, Cerebral Palsy, and much more. Neurofeedback helps these types of clients become more relaxed towards certain stimuli that often triggers them to react negatively.  

Psycho Therapy is another important treatment that people often seek for when they feel that their self-esteem is a problem, as well as anxiety, and depression. There is not much or no technology at all when you are going to undergo Psycho Therapy. It is just going to be the therapist alone with his or her client, and the primary tool the therapist has will be his knowledge, and the types of questioning that will guide his client into realizations. The beauty of this treatment will be self-realization, which comes from the client, this is usually the turning point in the clients because he can understand himself more, and figure out what troubles him.  

Thematic Apperception is a projective test consisting of a series of pictures in which the examinee is requested to create a story about the picture. The method of revealing to the trained interpreter some of the document drives, emotions, sentiments, and conflicts of personality will help the client learn more about his or her cognitive processes. The word Apperception refers to the course of projecting fantasy or imaginary thoughts onto an objective stimulus.  

The Empty Chair technique is one of the unique, compelling, and interactive treatment between the psychologist and client. This treatment is usually used with clients who have a feeling that they have a void inside of them, because of a specific point in their life that acted as a negative experience. It is related to “unfinished business,” because the empty chair allows the client to go back in time to face the experience, and afterward he will pretend to confront that person that played a huge part in that situation. Even though the client wasn’t able to confront that person face to face, it is the psychological release of catering to the problem and saying what they’ve wanted to say for a long time now.  

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